Create Wealth, Freedom & Security for You and Your Family!

Live life on your terms and take your power back!

Do you want control of your life so that no matter what happens you have security?

Do you want to feel as though you have the freedom and choice to live your life the way you WANT to live it?

Now is your time!

If you’ve been feeling as though you HAVE to make some changes in your life, you feel that deep desire to CLAIM who you are, claim the future that you KNOW is waiting for you, the one filled with abundance, joy and freedom. 

Then my friend, you are here for a reason. 

There is ZERO COINCIDENCE that you are reading this now, the universe has led you right to where you are meant to be. 

You’ve been asking about what to do next, how to change your circumstances, how to move forward into this next stage of your life…. I’d be willing to bet my house (a multi million dollar beach house FYI) on the fact that I can help you answer those questions

Hi - My name is Emma Greyson, Multi-millionaire, CEO, Property Investor and overall Badass when it comes to business.

I spend my days helping women, just like you, live their life on their terms to create the financial freedom that they deserve. 

Take a moment with me right now and imagine if in 5 years time from now you were living your dream life. 

You had your dream house in your dream location. 

You were driving a new car that suited your lifestyle. 

Imagine that your business was going EXACTLY the way you wanted it to, you had your dream team, your dream clients and the money was flowing in. 

You are making at least triple what you are right now, your bank balances are growing. 

Imagine that you’ve been able to claim back more time for yourself, for your family, you are spending more quality time together creating memories. 

You are able to focus on self care, you can have a massage every week and indulge in spa treatments whenever you like. 

Imagine getting to go on holidays and take your family to Disneyland while you see their faces light up at the place where dreams come true. 

Imagine you’ve built the foundations to create generational wealth for your family and you have the freedom to do whatever the fuck you want. 

You are able to create the impact that you want to make in this lifetime which lights you up. 

You feel unstoppable, empowered and so damn grateful for everything you’ve created! 

What a life!

When you start taking steps towards creating that life as of today, everything you just imagined is available to you much sooner than you think!

How do I know this?

Well after 15 years in business and spending the last 11 years empowering women business owners to create their dream lives..

I have seen the “DREAM” life that they think is unattainable happen within a matter of years.

These women that stepped up and took control of their futures,

they claimed their power and gained more time and freedom

back while they grew their bank balances to LIVE their dream life.

When these women seek me out there are 3 main reasons they are looking for help, tell me if any of these resonate with you:

They are looking at how they can make more money in their business by increasing their turnovers and attracting better quality clients.

They are looking for how they can KEEP more money and create a wealthy AF life for themselves.

They know they are meant for more, they know they are here to create impact but they just aren’t sure how to make that happen.

If you are here reading this I’m going to guess that at least one if not ALL of them apply to you.

So let’s dive into what’s been stopping you from having the success that you’ve been dreaming of…

The number 1 reason why you aren’t making the money you want to make to live the life you want to live, is very simple.

You don’t believe you can.

I know, I know. That’s PRETTY confronting.

Think about it this way. When you create a big goal in your life or business, whether it’s as big as saving up for a house deposit all the way through to hitting a sales target for the week…you start off all hyped up “Yes I can DO this” but there is this little voice that’s also whispering to you…

"No you can’t.

You didn’t do it before so why would it be any different now?"

And little by little your confidence and enthusiasm fades away... Then you start justifying why you didn’t hit the goal - which all

seem like very LOGICAL reasons as to why you didn’t hit it.

But babe, let’s get real honest here. You really didn’t believe you could hit the goal from the VERY start when you set it. But you thought if you just faked it till you made it, you’d get there.

The power of positive thinking was meant to work,

but it doesn’t

(more on this later.)

You are not the only one experiencing this, I see this with nearly EVERY WOMAN I talk to.

It’s fucking heart breaking.

So why do we think like this - well it’s simple. Patriarchy.

For generations women have been told that they are no good with money, that men are better than women at handling the finances.

Men have told women that they can’t make as much as a male. Like for real, we are in 2023 FFS and there is STILL a gender pay gap issue!

As women we have it built into our DNA the trauma of money, we have the societal beliefs of embedded misogyny that we are constantly FIGHTING against everywhere we turn, especially with money.

So the reason why you aren’t making the money you want to make is because you don’t really believe you can, but the reason you believe that isn’t your fault.

But it is your RESPONSIBILITY to overcome it.

It is your RESPONSIBILITY to do the inner work on yourself and to heal this wound so that you don’t pass this through to future generations to come.

The second reason you are feeling so stuck right now is because you don’t know how to KEEP the money you do make to increase your net worth.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You’ve been making the same amount of money for a LONG time

You feel as though your bank balance never goes over a certain amount

You don’t have a clear investment strategy that you implement

These are the key indicators that you are STUCK. You’ve hit a limit in your mind and in your energy which has manifested into a limit in your bank account.

Keeping the money that you make and building true wealth is harder than it seems.

Making it and keeping it are TOTALLY different skill sets.

It’s also not a matter of cutting your expenses and living frugally. No one has got time for that! Life is meant to be enjoyed and for you to do and have the things you want.

And babe if that means buying the Louis Vuitton handbag, I am totally here for that shopping trip!

But if you are buying luxury handbags when you DON’T have a long term investment strategy - that’s an issue. It’s one we can fix pretty easily!

Imagine that you had a comfortable amount of cash in the bank.

Nice right?

Now imagine that you’ve also been able to make enough money to start investing. When your money is invested in something, it is working while you are not. That means that you are literally making money when you sleep!

Year-on-year that wealth continues to grow and grow and it means that you can now afford more and more of the experiences and items that you dream of having.

When you nail this skill, you can FINALLY start to feel financially secure that you have choices now, and your kids have choices.

You feel educated with money now and confident to keep making well-informed and amazing financial decisions.

That life, it’s sitting there right now waiting for you to grab it with both hands and say YES PLEASE, LET’S DO THIS.

I want that life for YOU! I want you to have all the money you can dream of.

There is MORE than enough MONEY to go around to create any type of dream life that you have.

I believe that anything is possible for you when you have the right attitude matched with the right skill set.

But this isn’t just a Power of Positive thinking situation. You can’t sit there repeating over and over “I’m a millionaire, I’m a millionaire” and hope that a million bucks is going to drop into your lap if you aren’t DOING anything to make that money.

This is why you need to combine the right skill set of making money and keeping money for you to be financially free.

Fortunately for you, you’ve found me and I have BOTH of those skill sets naturally. It’s why I get to travel the world, live in a multi-million dollar beach house and create awesome experiences for myself and my daughter. She’s 9 and has already gone to Disneyland 3 times, this is a standard holiday for us.

You too can have this kind of lifestyle where you get to have the experiences that YOU dream so that it becomes your new standard of living - how amazing will that be?

Pretty freaking EPIC if you ask me!

Now if you are still reading this page, I’m guessing that you’re super keen to know how I can help you live an abundant life…

So here’s what I know would be a great first step for you: GET RID OF THE ISSUES YOU’RE CURRENTLY FACING SO YOU CAN STEP INTO YOUR NEW ABUNDANT LIFE.

How do I do that you ask???

Come spend ½ a day with me IN PERSON, yes in person (that’s me live standing right in front of you, not live on a screen!) while I take you through resetting your Money Beliefs which will mean you will begin to feel unstuck and then start moving you towards more abundance!

During the workshop with me, we are going to Deep Dive into:

My 3 step process to put $10K into your bank account… in the next WEEK!

Learn the 10 money mistakes you are making that are costing you THOUSANDS every week. Number 3 is going to melt your brain 🫠

Learn how to take FREE holidays every year by implementing this GENIUS Money Hack

3 Key strategies to DOUBLING your income within the next MONTH - #2 is going to blow you away!

My Top secret Strategy to how my client paid down $90K of Debt in just 3 months!

How to gain 10 HOURS a week back from your business, so that you have time for SELF CARE and your family: starting this week!

By the end of the workshop you’re going to feel TOTALLY different about money.

You’re going to have released those bullshit beliefs that the patriarchy has helped you hold onto, they will be ancient history and replaced with NEW key beliefs and energy that will fast track your success when you walk out the door.

I’m going to share with you never before revealed secrets about how I became a legit millionaire by 27 and now a multi millionaire, for you to learn from and take those skills and apply them to your own life. Wait till I share with you what happened the day I realised I had over $1,000,000 CASH in my account. You will be totally shocked!

During the workshop we are going to work together on creating a money making plan specifically for YOU. By the end of our time together you will have clear direction and a plan to add extra cash to your bank account within 7 days.

I want to get super real with you, I’ve been doing this for years with clients and one thing that happens EVERY time is that the minute a woman commits to learning from me about changing their relationship with money, they start attracting money to them immediately.

Normally within hours of paying me and before they’ve even LEARNED anything from me.

It can be as little as $200-$5000 within hours of saying YES!

It’s like the Universe wants to HIGH FIVE you immediately for making a GREAT choice so it sends you money from random sources.

I can’t wait to find out from you what amount YOU receive and how it finds its way to you!

So come join me and other extraordinary women at our next Money Magic event near you.

It’s like the Universe wants to HIGH FIVE you immediately for making a GREAT choice so it sends you money from random sources.

I can’t wait to find out from you what amount YOU receive and how it finds its way to you!

Come join me and other extraordinary women on Saturday November 18th in Brisbane Inner City from 9:30am - 12:30pm for the Money Magic Workshop For Women.

Money Magic Workshop For Women

Date: Saturday, November 18th

Where: Brisbane Inner City

Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm

Networking + Lunch from 12:30pm - 2:00pm

What’s Included In Your Ticket:

3 hour Mind Blowing Workshop

(Delicious) Lunch and Drinks

Networking opportunity with other Kickass Business Women

The investment is only $297!

I’m seriously committed to helping as many women as possible live their life on their terms where they have the ability to have choices that money creates. Which is why I’m offering a super crazy deal of Buy 1 Get 1 Free on these tickets until October 31st.

That means that for every ticket you purchase you have a FREE TICKET to bring along your Bestie, your sister, your client, another boss babe that would totally benefit from being in this workshop with you!

Now if you are anything like me, you might be looking for a VIP upgrade to get to spend more direct contact with the presenter and other like minded women. You know that old nugget of your NETWORK is your NET WORTH, which is why I’m always seeking out the VIP ticket option myself! It’s clearly paid off for me!

If that’s you then here’s the VIP details:

VIP “Super Secret” Afternoon Session

2:00pm - 5:00pm

Plus a special VIP Bonus Gift

Upgrade for only an extra $147 per person

VIP ticket price is $444

Here’s My Money Back Guarantee

I’m super confident in the fact that this workshop will be life changing for you. In the unlikely event that you don’t feel as though the workshop was highly valuable to you - I’ll refund your workshop ticket.

The spaces in this workshop won’t last long - so don’t wait!


What My Clients Say

"Money Magic gave me the huge shift that I desperately needed. I was able to reduce my debts, make more money and work less hours so I get to spend more time with my family."


"After Money Magic with Emma, I FINALLY had money in my account. I had opportunities come to me that were beyond my wildest dreams, immediately afterwards."


"So Money Magic kicks off today, and first thing this morning I close a $6000 upfront payment sale into my 8 week. Good start to money magic I say."



Are you going to be running this in other cities? 

Not currently, it takes a lot to put on this event just in one location, I myself actually live in regional QLD so I also need to travel to get there. I promise it’ll be worth it if you can make it!

Some of this stuff sounds way too good to be true. How do I know you’re legit?

Well, I’m putting my money where my mouth is if you check out the guarantee I’m offering, if you feel as though I’m NOT legit by the end of the workshop - I’ll refund you! 

Can I bring my husband/boyfriend/partner to this? 

This event is for Women only so unfortunately no they can’t attend. I work very hard at making it a safe space for women to talk openly and freely, I find it’s always better when it’s women only. 

I’ve tried money mindset workshops before and they didn’t work. Why is this one different? 

I’m sorry that you had that experience, it’s common and mostly because the people teaching it barely have $1000 to their name. When you join me at Money Magic, you’ll see, hear and feel that the energy, experience and knowledge that I have are COMPLETELY different to anyone else. I’m going to give you REAL ways to change your finances immediately. Don’t forget about my Money Back guarantee - which I offer because I know my shit works.